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Frederic Walvoord (1869-1925)

Fred Walvoord

Fred Walvoord

Frederic was born in Amsterdam, Wisconsin on March 13, 1869 around 10:00 P.M. He was the second child and eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Walvoord.

Frederic “Fred” had a good singing voice and a good mind. He attended the University of Wisconsin Agriculture School one winter. There he learned butter-making and cheese-making. He was the first one from Sheboygan County to attend the University of Wisconsin Agriculture School. He learned machine trade in the Foundry. He lived in Milwaukee for several years. Then he lived in Sheboygan for a few years.

Fred married Jane Lammers, a neighbor in Amsterdam, on December 8, 1897 in Cedar Grove. She was the daughter of John Lammers and was born on April 25, 1874. When she married Frederic, she was twenty-three (five years younger than Frederic, who was twenty-eight at the time). Fred and Jane had three children who grew to adult age: Elsie, Evelyn and Frederick Kenneth. Their second child, a son, died at birth.

Elsie Walvoord was born in October of 1898 on the farm near Cedar Grove. She later married a man surnamed Martin and had two sons: Howard (unmarried; in Miles City) and Charles (worked in a plywood factory in Portland, Oregon; married). She died in Milwaukee.

Evelyn Walvoord was born in Sheboygan. She married Howard Beyer in 1921. They lived on a homestead near Quietus, Montana, fifty miles north of Sheridan, Wyoming from 1921 to 1936. Then they lived on a ranch until they moved to Sheridan. There Howard worked in a V.A. Hospital. They had a daughter, Shirley, who was born February 16, 1925. Shirley married Elmer Garrett and had two sons: Larry Robert (Cheyenne, Wyoming) and Glen Edward.

Frederick Kenneth Walvoord was born on December 3, 1907 in Milwaukee. He married Reba Stepp on November 23, 1940. He did highway construction work, operating big machines. He and Reba had two children: Sandra Kay, born September 24, 1941, and Kenneth Lee (Portland, Oregon), born August 1, 1943. Sandra married Lawrence Bledsoe. They had two children: Mark Alan, born on October 3, 1963 in Billings, Montana; and Gregory Lee, born on August 19, 1964 in Orange, California. Lawrence was killed in an auto accident on August 27, 1966. Sandra married Bob Neal on September 15, 1967. Bob was born August 19, 1933 in Texas. Frederick Kenneth was buried in Miles City, Montana.

Fred Walvoord Family Homestead in Montana

Fred Walvoord Family Homestead in Montana 1916

The Frederic Walvoord family moved to Miles City, Montana in 1915. They lived on a homestead there. When Fred died he was on a rented farm in Dakota. He did highway work in the Bad Lands (an Indian reservation). He made new roads through the Bad Lands. He was fond of horses, hunting and fishing. He spent one winter in Lime Springs, Iowa with the Hoopman family. He went hunting with Garrett and Ed Hoopman.

Fred was a farmer near Cedar Grove, later a machinist in Milwaukee, and moved with Jane and family to a homestead about 25 miles northwest of Miles City, Montana. It was eight miles west of Angela. They had sheep and lived there from 1915 to 1919. Their house was made of lumber, with sod for insulation.

The Fred Walvoord family in Macintosh, South Dakota. Fred died 8 days after this photo was taken.

August 5, 1925. The Fred Walvoord family in McIntosh, South Dakota. Fred died 8 days after this photo was taken.

Fred, Jane and son Fred (Frederick Kenneth) moved to Macintosh, South Dakota near Deadwood. Fred was buried there. He died on August 13, 1925 when he was just 56-years-old. His funeral was on August 19, 1925. Psalm 103:13-18, 1 Corinthians 15:20-28, 35-38 and Hebrews 7:1, were read at the funeral.

Jane died in Miles City, Montana on December 3, 1970 at the age of 96.  She was buried December 7th at Custer County Cemetery in Montana.

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