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Walvoord Cemetery

Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

Walvoord Monument, Walvoord Cemetery, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Walvoord Monument, Walvoord Cemetery, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

On July 11, 1856, Hendrik Walvoord (1801-1865) lost his only son Gerrit, who at age thirty, drowned in Lake Michigan. Hendrik set aside an acre of land in his will for a family cemetery in section 26 of Holland Township. As stated in the will:

“First, I give and bequeath unto the children of my son Gerrit Jan Walvoord (deceased) and unto their children which may be born and their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, with one word unto posterity of the said children of my son Gerrit Jan Walvoord (deceased), one acre of land lying and being in the County of Sheboygan and State of Wisconsin, known and described as follows to wit: …” (and it goes on to describe the exact location in section 26).

So according to Hendrik’s will, any descendant of Gerrit Jan Walvoord (“unto posterity”) could be buried in this family lot. As time passed, the Walvoord Cemetery became surrounded by Cedar Grove as the village grew.

Today, the cemetery is in the center of Cedar Grove on Main Street. Throughout the preceding years, some families buried their dead on this acre of land without rights to do so since it was probably one of the few cemeteries at the time other than the old Indian burial ground near Amsterdam by the lake. Some of the county’s pioneers are buried here.

Walvoord Family Section of Walvoord Cemetery located in center of cemetery. Chart is circa 1960s.

Walvoord Family Section of Walvoord Cemetery located in center of cemetery. Chart is circa 1960s.

When Harriet Walvoord Vollbrecht and her aunt Louise Walvoord walked through the cemetery in the 1960s, they counted and recorded over one-hundred marked graves. There is barely half that number today. According to Harriet, the city of Cedar Grove had been quietly removing markers for years.  Where these headstones are is unknown, but it is a shame to have part of Sheboygan County’s history lost in this way.

According to Wisconsin State Law (act 316), any cemetery neglected for at least five years, is the ward of the local unit of government. This law was designed to protect older graveyards that didn’t have perpetual care. Apparently, Cedar Grove was not wanting to support the cemetery maintenance at its expense. At one point the city contacted known family members to ask for money to be held in trust for the up keep of the landscape. It is not known how much was raised through this effort. Previously, the last burial made there was Willard A. Walvoord in 1986.

The city of Cedar Grove in accordance with the state law did prohibit further burials in the graveyard.  However,because of the original deed stating the perpetuity of burials, it is believed that Cedar Grove decided to allow these burials of direct descendants of Gerrit Jan Walvoord.

Koreen Elizabeth Toutenhoofd (daughter of Meta Marie Walvoord and Andrew Toutenhoofd) was buried in the Walvoord Cemetery after she died in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on January 1, 1996.

Kathryn Louise Walvoord (daughter of Anthony J. Walvoord and Ann Vogt) was also buried in the Walvoord Cemetery after she died in San Francisco, California on May 23, 2002.

Both of these ladies had never married, and were buried with their Walvoord Family.

Description of the property:

From the Walvoord Monument at the center of the cemetery, the area east to the sidewalk is clear of any burials.

From the Monument to the south-south-east (left and behind looking at the monument) the graves are clearly marked.  To north-north-east (right and looking ahead) the graves are also well marked.

In the north-east corner of the cemetery near the street, markers for G. Lammers and family are missing.

From the back of the Walvoord Monument west to the back of the property is where most of the markers are gone.

Below is a list of the remaining gravestones compiled in 1960s (or later) by Louise Walvoord (1883-1969), Koreen Toutenhoofd (1902-1996), and Harriet (Walvoord) Vollbrecht (1913-2006).

List of names compiled from remaining markers at Walvoord Cemetery at Cedar Grove

1 G. Lammers (date missing)
2 Daughter Mary 1854—1874
3 Anna M. 1848-1874
4 Annie 1856-1877
5 Harmena 1853-1888
6 H. J. Lammers 1870-1890
7 Anna 1878-1893
8 Leonard Vander Jagt–Civil War Vet
9 Alice Vander Jagt
10 Morris Vander Jagt 1918 Vet
11 Peter Verhulst 1840—1887
12 Antonia Verhuist 1843—1920
13 T.E. Gantvoort-Father 1830-1894
14 Mother 1846—1923
15 William 1877—1894
16 Arnold–Infant
17 Adolph Stokdyk 1813-1886 (H)
18 Annette Stokdyk 18—?— 1890 (W)
19 Cornelia Verhulst 1864—1893
20 Peter Vanderweele Died 1893
21 Cornelis Vanderweele 1885-1911
22 Susanna Vanderweele 1841—1919
23 Anna M. Lammers 1875—1876
24 Curnelius Quintus 1818-1907
25 John Kolste 1880—1906
26 Anton De Mez 1800(?)—1877
27 Wilhelmiena (Baby?)
28 Wife of H. Te Slaa 1803—1877
29 Maarje Vanderjaght Died 1875 (W?)
30 G. M. Vanderjaght Died 1888 (H?)
31 John Muller 1816-1861
32 Jan Muller 1851 Infant
33 Gilles Muller Died 1860 12 yrs. 9 Mo.
34 H. J. Weaver 1833-1905 (H)
35 Berendenia Weavers 1833—1902 (W)
36 Hendrik Weavers 1865—1872 Son
37 Vanderjagt Father 1837—1922
38 Mother 1842-1888
39 Wife of M. A. Ketman 1849—1873
40 ? 1862-1888
41 Ketman-Infant Son 1873
42 Ketinan-Infant Son 1871
43 Gertrude Schreurs Infant 1868
44 Sarah Schreurs Died 1884 10 yrs.
45 Verseput (H) 1820—1899
46 (W) 1815—1875
47 Nellie 1855—1946
48 John Brummels Died 1908 Age 78
49 (W) Died 1891 Age 59
50 Grandmother Brummels (No date)
51 Esther 1897-1902
52 Mable 1900—1901
53 Jacob Zeeveld 1875-1898
54 Jacob Huisheere Died 1864-1698
55 Nellie Huisheere 1871—1891 (W)
56 Infant 1889
57 Jannes Infant 1869
58 Alvah Huisheere Died 1891-1894
59 Peter Huisheere Died 1925 (H)
60 (w) Died 1909
61 August H. Schiereck 1852—1899
62 Ver Douw–Abraham 1849-1921
63 Adriana 1858-1928 (W)
64 Benjamin Ver Douw 1879—1941
65 Anthony 1877-1945 (H)
66 Sarah 1875-1932 (W)
67 Holle—- Father 1840-1899
68 Mother 1844—1923
69 Peter Ott 1845-1927 (H)
70 Delia Ott 1843—1924 (W)
71 John Ott 1869—1956
72 Walford Father 1854-1903
73 Mother 1867-1916
74 Henry Infant Son 1891
75 Arthur–World War Vet 1918
76 Wm. Walvoord Died 1895 Age 43  (H)
77 Delia Died 1894 Age 32 (W)

 Below is a photo slide show of Walvoord Cemetery grave markers taken in 2003.